Becerra Gardens

Our Crops 


Peppers are our signature crop. Below is a list of most of the peppers we have to offer. They're listed from mildest to hottest.

Bell Pepper: With colors from green to purple and everything in between, this is a popular pepper. Great for salads or stuffing, there peppers sweeten as they turn orange and red.

Gypsy Sweet: Another sweet pepper with starts out yellow and turns red as it ripens. A salad favorite!

Lunchbox: These sweet mini peppers make the perfect snack! Colors are yellow, orange, and red. 

Round of Hungary: Sweet, round peppers that are beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. 

Anaheim: This is a milder pepper, great for those who want a little bit of heat. 

Poblano: Famous for being made into chiles rellenos, stuffed peppers with a bit of heat.

Inferno: As the name suggests this isn't a sweet pepper! However, it doesn't reach as high up on the scale as one would think. Related to the hot banana, these are a yellow pepper with a medium heat level.

Santa Fe: Slightly milder than the jalepeño and yellow in color and packed with flavor!

Serrano: These small peppers back a big punch! They're great for salsa. 

Jalapeño: One of our most popular peppers, the jalapeño can be used for a variety of dishes.

Lemon Drop: A bit of tang combined with some spice, this pepper offers a unique flavor to enjoy.

Cayenne: Another favorite for it's flavor and heat, the cayenne can be used fresh or dried.

Garden Salsa: This pepper has is, as the name suggests, great for salsa - if you like it spicy! 

Purira: A small, yellow pepper which turns red as it ripens, the purira holds a lot of flavor and heat in a small pepper. 

Habanero: One of the hottest peppers we grow, these small peppers sure do pack a big punch!

Scotch Bonnet: These cousins of the habanero are slightly hotter than them. 

Other Crops

These are some of the other vegetables and fruits we offer.

Red Potatoes

Challenger Yellow Potatoes

Pickling Cucumbers

Slicing Cucumbers

Lemon Cucumbers




Green Beans








Butternut Squash

Delicata Squash

Acorn Squash