Last Updated July 31. 2020


Yukon Gold:Their gold-hued color makes these potatoes stand out. Good for boiling, roasting, or frying. They also make a great potato salad and delicious mashed potatoes. Not available in 2020

Red:Red potatoes have rich, red skin and are excellent for roasting or boiling.

Challenger YellowThese potatoes have a yellow skin and light yellow flesh. They have a long oval shape. They are perfect for french fries! 

​All Blue:These potatoes have purple skin with blue flesh. They make some colorful and very tasty mashed potatoes! - Not Available in 2020

Our Crops

Becerra Gardens

Here is a list of all of our vegetables and fruits. To help you know what is currently available, the names have been color-coded as follows: 

Available now          Coming soon          Out of season

​​Other Crops

Eggplant:This delicate vegetable has a rich, complex flavor to enjoy.

​Okra:This healthy green vegetable offers a variety of cooking options including steamed, boiled, pickled, sautéed, or stir-fried whole.

Cantaloupe: How to cool off during a hot summer day? A slice of sweet, juicy cantaloupe might do the trick! 

Strawberries:This Springtime fruit is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth! Look for us at the farmer's market during the short strawberry season.

Green Beans:Steamed, boiled, stir-fried, or baked, the opportunities with this popular green vegetable are endless! 

​Basil: Available at the u-pick, basil enhances the flavor of many dishes and is the key ingredient in pesto. We offer genovese, lemon, cinnamon, red rubin, and purple ruffle basil. We also offer basil plant starts in the Spring.

Carrots:Due to popular request, this is a new item in 2018. Along with the well-known orange carrot, we have have yellow, purple, and white carrots also available!

Onions: Onions are a staple in many kitchens. The opportunities are endless! 

Other Crops

Pickling Cucumbers:Our pickling cucumbers are crisp and never bitter! They are good for pickling, but can also be enjoyed as a summertime snack.

Slicing Cucumbers:Crisp, fresh cucumbers that a perfect addition to a summer salad.

Lemon Cucumbers: Although these cucumbers do not taste like lemons, they have a round appearance and yellow color. They also have a tender skin and milder flavor that regular cucumbers.

Salt and Pepper Cucumbers: This pickling cucumber is white in color with black spines. Although perfect pickling size, they are also delicious when eaten fresh! 

Tomatoes: We have a variety of tomatoes from slicers to romas, which can be used in a variety of dishes. Burgers, salads, and salsas are some examples. 

Tomatillos: "Salsa verde" is a must-try salsa when enjoying a Mexican dish. 

​Zucchini:Grilled, boiled, barbecued, stuffed, baked, and oh so many options! Zucchini are a healthy veggie that can be cooked in many ways.

Butternut Squash: As the weather turns cold, this squash becomes a Fall favorite. 

Pumpkins:Nothing says harvest time like a Fall pumpkin! Learn more about our harvest maze and pumpkin patch annual eventhere.

​Delicata Squash: Also known as sweet potato squash, this squash is rich and creamy and, as the name suggests, it has a delicate rind. 


Peppers are our signature crop. Below is a list of most of the peppers we have to offer. They're listed from mildest to hottest. 

Bell Pepper: With colors from green to purple and everything in between, this is a popular pepper. Great for salads or stuffing, these peppers sweeten as they turn orange and red. 

Gypsy Sweet:Another sweet pepper which starts out yellow and turns orange and red as it ripens. A salad favorite! 

Lunchbox:These sweet, mini peppers make the perfect healthy snack! Colors are yellow, orange, and red. 

Round of Hungary:These sweet, round peppers are beautiful to look at and delicious to eat.

Anaheim:With a mild heat level, this pepper is great for stuffing or mild salsa. 

Poblano:Famous for being made into chiles rellenos, these peppers tend to have a milder flavor. 

Inferno: As the name suggests, this isn't a sweet pepper! Related to the hot banana, these peppers are yellow and have a medium heat level. Not available in 2020.

Hungarian Hot Wax: This is a bright yellow medium heat pepper. 

Santa Fe: Slightly milder than the jalapeño and yellow in color, these make great stuffed peppers and salsas.

Serrano:These small peppers pack a big punch! They're great for salsa and pico de gallo.

Jaloro: In Spanish "oro" means gold. As the name suggests, a jaloro is a yellow jalapeño. Not available in 2020.

Jalapeño: One of our most popular peppers, the jalapeño  can be used for a variety of dishes. It's got a bit of heat, but the flavor can't be beat! 

Lemon Drop: A citrus tang combined with some spice, this pepper offers a unique flavor to enjoy.

Cayenne:Another favorite for it's flavor and heat, the cayenne pepper can be used while green or as a dried pepper after it turns red.

Super Chili: These small super chilis are super hot! Available for the first time in 2016 due to popular request.

Garden Salsa:This pepper has an intense flavor and quite a bit of heat, perfect for salsas and delicious roasted. 

Purira:A small, yellow pepper which turns red as it ripens, the purira holds quite a bit of heat and flavor! 

Habanero: One of the hottest pepper we grow, these small peppers sure do pack a big punch! 

Scotch Bonnett: These cousins to the habanero are a little hotter and have a fruitier flavor in comparison.